TCC Estates

Tucson Country Club Estates,  was once a part of a 1,300-acre ranch owned by Charles H. Bayless, a well-known cattle rancher. Bayless rented the land to Mormons of Binghampton (the first Mormon community in Tucson) for truck farms and dairies.  In 1935, he sold 580 acres to Lenore Moore for $12,000.  Her brother built two ranch houses for “Rancho de la Sombra,” a development scheme that failed. The property was sold to Carl and Marie Reininger in 1945.

In 1946, a group of approximately 50 Tucsonans, disenchanted with El Rio Country Club  (Tucson’s only golf club at the time) decided to purchase a large tract of land well located for country club and subdivision purposes. They formed a profit corporation named Country Club Estates, Inc. The original subscribers paid $5,000 and received 20 shares of stock and a promise of charter membership in the country club to be formed. On Sept 9, 1946, the corporation purchased the Reininger property for $220,000.

The original investors formed a non-profit “Tucson Country Club.”  Country Club Estates, Inc. loaned to TCC $250,000 to build an 18-hole golf course and improve the existing residences for a clubhouse, dining and golf facility.  

Country Club Estates Inc. proceeded to sell lots in its subdivision.  The development and sales were handled by Tucson Realty & Trust & Co., a company owned by George H. Amos, one of the charter members of TCC.  Most of the original subscribers wanted to purchase lots and were given a preferential opportunity to do so. They were invited to a sales event where they drew a number.  Starting with #1,  in turn, they could select a lot for purchase.  Irene and Andrew J. Pizzini bought the first lot in Tucson Country Club Estates.  They chose lot 1, block 8, on Santa Ynez Place, because of its close proximity to the clubhouse and its north facing views of the Catalina Mountains.

(Article Courtesy of Tina Lyons)