Private Events

Tucson Country Club is the perfect backdrop for any special occasion.

Each area offers something different in style and size. Versatility exists in every location, providing a room that is perfect for any occasion.

The Garden Courts, located in the heart of the clubhouse, offer a warm and inviting atmosphere. In close proximity to the main bar, it is equipped with a a big screen television and coffee/tea station. This room is typically buzzing with bridge game activity. It also can be utilized for dinner parties with a maximum capacity of 60 people, a meeting room with theater style chairs accommodating a screen for power point presentations or a cocktail/hors d'oeuvres party. If needed, this room can be divided to accommodate smaller gatherings.

The Catalina Room has a magnificent cathedral ceiling with a spectacular view of the mountains. Outside the 20 foot arched window is a gorgeous landscaped grove complete with a rose garden and grassy, park-like area. This room is perfect for showers, luncheons, dinner parties or small weddings accommodating up to 60 guests. A cocktail area can be located on an accessible covered patio or inside in the adjoining room complete with a warm, cozy fireplace.

The Banquet Room is the grandest of all. Decorated in a neutral color scheme, it can be transformed by its host in a multitude of ways. If your guest list is 125-300 people, this room will fulfill your needs. One entrance provides a stair cased walkway leading up to a private patio complete with a fountain surrounded by beautiful seasonal flowers. The 4,400- square foot room is graced with magnificent columns, attractive decor and a built-in bar. Windows abound in this room with one wall giving a 28-foot wide breathtaking view of the Catalina Mountains, and another area providing an alcove encased by glass panes. A portable dance floor can be assembled to complete the essential needs of a party. If the event is smaller, an air wall can be drawn to divide the room which will seat 35-120 attendees.

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