Kids Life

Tucson Country Club is focused on family life and ensuring we do everything we can to make sure your kids are entertained, safe and happy.

We offer year round activities for families and chaperoned events for kids in order to give parents a well deserved break.

Children's Sitter Service

There is weekly sitter service available at the Kid's Room, Tuesdays through Friday. Parents may play golf, tennis, workout, and have lunch.

Junior Summer Camp

The Country Club is known for one of the best Kids Summer Camp programs in the Tucson area. Our well rounded program consists of golf, tennis, art, swimming, and field trips. Our experienced instructors and counselors make each day unique and enjoyable. It is very special to see the children return each year and build friendships with other young kids.

Other Activities throughout the year for the kids are various pool parties, Kids Night Out, Schools Out party, Labor Day and Memorial Day BBQ, Cooking Classes, Art Classes, Holiday parties, and more!