Guest Information

We look forward to welcoming you as a guest to Tucson Country Club.


Dress Code

Members and their families, guests and visitors are expected to be in attire appropriate for the activity they are participating in at the Club.

Clubhouse Attire

Country Club Casual consists of clean presentable clothing in good condition as the general guideline. Non-Collared Tee Shirts are not allowed in the main dining room. Blue jeans and tailored shorts may be worn in the casual dining areas. Inappropriate attire includes, cut-offs, tank tops and swimming attire. Golf shoes with soft spikes are the only golf shoes allowed in the Clubhouse and on the golf course.


Golf Course Attire

Proper golf attire, as determined by the Golf Committee, is required at all times. Proper attire is identified as follows:

  • Gentlemen: Shirts with collars (including mock collars) and, if designed for and tailored appropriately, may be worn ‘un-tucked’. Proper attire on the golf course does not include t-shirts, tank tops, mesh shirts, jeans, denim, sweatpants, swimwear, short shorts or athletic shorts at any time.
  • Ladies: Expected to adhere to the same dress code noted above. Halter tops, tee shirts, cut-offs, sweat pants, warm-up suits, jeans, denim, swim wear, tennis dresses, short shorts, or other athletic shorts are not permitted.

Golf Shoes

Appropriate golf shoes are required for all golfers. Football, Soccer or other large knobby spike shoes are not allowed. Tennis shoes or other soft sole shoes are subject to the approval of the golf professional on duty. Gentlemen must wear closed toed shoes. Use of non-metal spikes of a type approved by the club is mandatory.

Tennis Court Attire

Proper tennis attire, as determined by the Tennis Committee, is required at all times. Proper attire is identified as follows:

  1. Only proper tennis shoes with smooth soles may be worn on the courts. Any running shoes and cross trainers are prohibited. Courts will not be assigned to anyone without proper court shoes.
  2. Men: Athletic and Tennis t-shirts with or without collars; no tank tops are allowed.
  3. Tennis shorts with pockets or a tennis skirt/dress must be worn on court. Yoga pants with and without pockets may be worn. Jogging shorts, bathing suits, gym shorts-with no pockets, cut-offs, spandex, and other non-tennis shorts are prohibited.
  4. Undergarments may not be exposed below tennis shorts (i.e. Boxers). Compression shorts or spandex may be worn under shorts or skirts.
  5. Women may not play in bathing suits, half shirts or any combination.

Cell Phone Policy

Cellular telephone use in voice mode is prohibited within common areas of the Club Facilities and cell phones must be in the “off” or “silent” mode at all times while in or on Club Facilities. Please note that the use of cellular telephones for text messaging, web browsing and email is permitted.