Course Tour


GOLD 546   
BLUE 489
RED 437
Par (Men/Ladies) 5/5
Handicap (Men/Ladies) 5/5

The opening hole at Tucson Country Club starts from the Updegraff Tees (named after famed Walker Cup player and 1975 Walker Cup Captain Dr. Edgar R. Updegraff), and plays 564 yards. With a single fairway bunker to the right and two down the left the player will have to hit their tee shot to a narrow landing area. Players playing from the remaining tees may have to choose between a driver and a 3-wood for position. No sense getting too bold or you may find yourself in the fairway bunkers. The second shot is again straight away, this is where the player may choose to become more aggressive, and with no hazards in your way until reaching the green there is more room for error than you think. The third shot can become a little trickier, the well guarded green has 4 bunkers to contend with and a green complex that works away and left of the player. The green is 31 paces in depth with more movement in the middle of the green than anywhere else.