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    • Kevin Mikkelson

      Executive Chef
      (520) 298 - 2381, ext. 143
      [email protected]

      My earliest memories of food were when I was around our garden as a young boy. My parents kept the garden in our back yard, which eventually throughout the week ended up on our plates for breakfast, lunch or dinner in one way or another. Having fresh food around on daily basis just seemed to be the only way it should be.

      My favorite childhood memory was the time I spent in the kitchen with my mother. These times were truly incredible and something I will never forget. I loved the wonderful aromas and colors of the fresh food she cooked and I always asked her endless questions about the food she was preparing. Those moments with my mother were definitely what inspired me to have such a great passion for food.

      My professional career with food began in a few “Mom and Pop” restaurants here in Tucson since the late 80’s. I really found my true calling in the Hospitality industry when I joined the Double Tree Hotel team for the next 9 years. This was where I gained as much knowledge as I could and learned the technique of Scratch Cooking. During those times and even still to this day, I’ve strived to become the best I can by choosing a “hands on” approach and by honing my skills in the “Modern” style of cooking.

      Now, as the Executive Chef here at the Tucson Country Club, my mission is simple… and that is to offer the best quality food possible and always utilize as much fresh and local product available to us for meetings, weddings or any social gathering including in our restaurant. Taking the best ingredients, combined with proper flavor profiling will imminently deliver lasting memories that our members and guest alike deserve.

  • Catering Manager
    • Cindy West

      (520) 918 - 0514
      [email protected]

      Cindy West joined the team at Tucson Country Club January 10, 1985 to temporarily replace the payroll clerk who was scheduled for surgery. Because the Accounting Department was short staffed, Cindy was retained to help with various clerical duties and eventually became the Office Manager. After more than 20 years in Accounting, Cindy transferred to the Catering Manager’s position. Her role at the club encompasses planning private parties, member events and club functions.

      Cindy was born in Texas and moved to Tucson when she was 4 years old. She married her high school sweetheart, Chuck; has a son, Mike; daughter, Kate; and two wonderful grandsons, Hudson and Matthew.

      Cindy is dedicated to the Tucson Country Club. The relationship with members established through the years of service is the most important aspect of her career. She feels honored when a member/guest selects the facility for a special occasion. The events in her life leading up to this position have played an active part in making this “where she should be” in her life.

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