Nomination Process

The Nomination Form requires the nominee to obtain the following member participation:

  1. Two sponsors who must be Regular Member for at least one year must sign the nomination form, provide detailed, individual letters of recommendation and assist the nominee with other details of the process.

  2. Five referrals, who are Members of any classification and are willing to second the individual for membership, complete referral forms that are returned to the Membership Office.

  3. The nominee must be introduced to two members of the Board of Directors.

The completed form, with all the above documentation, will be forwarded to the Membership Committee to conduct the initial review.  The Committee makes its recommendation to the Board of Directors (in the same month) for the nominee's form to be posted for thirty (30) days.  If approved by the Board, the form is posted.

Prior to the end of the posting period, the Membership Committee will again review the nominee form, and make its final recommendation to the Board of Directors.  With the Board's second approval, a letter of invitation will be prepared for the nominee, showing the Initiation Fee, dues and Food & Beverage minimum information.

For further information and assistance, you may call the Membership Director at 520-918-0510.



  • 4-Bit Friday - Open House style event or members and their nominees to meet two Directors
  • Guest Events include Guest Stags, Women Who Wine Event, Family Fun Night, plus many others
  • Contact Terry Olsen, Membership Director, 
    520-918--0510 for information and to schedule a private tour